CyberDating Online Profile Writing Tips

...Write a really effective profile and make a great first impression!

Do you need help writing a really effective Online dating profile? Well, here are the top 8 tips that will help you show off your best side and make a great first impression.

It's best to write your profile using a text editor with a spell checker. That way you can use the editing tools so you get it just right. Once you finish writing your personal ad, fill in this form and publish it online for the world to see.

Tip 1: Spend Some Time on It

If you are taking this business of finding a mate seriously, you should spend some time to compose your online profile. Besides your photo, your profile is all that you have to introduce you to the reader. You only have so much space to make a great impression. If you don't put some thought into it the reader will be able to tell that you just tossed together some stuff in a hurry. Press CTL-D on your keyboard now to bookmark this site. Then, take some time to type your profile using a word processor. That way you can work with the profile and refine it. Once you are satisfied with it, and you have spell checked it, surf back and post your profile.

Tip 2: Show them What You're All About

Show them that you are what you say you are. If you have a great sense of humor, use humor in your profile. Don't just say "I have a sense of humor". That doesn't excite anyone. Prove that you are educated and intelligent by writing an extremely literate profile. If you are creative or artistic, give us a colorful and creative description of yourself. Remember, the proof is in the pudding.

Tip 3: Let Your Personality Shine

Let your personality out. A personal profile can take many forms. Write a poem, a story, or a riddle perhaps. Blow them away with a profile consisting entirely of movie titles, one after another, that describes you. If you're not from Nantucket, try writing a limerick. Creativity and the ability to show it are sexy. Show her how sexy you really are.

Tip 4: Show and Tell

Singles looking for a partner want to know the same things about you that you want to know about them. Put yourself in their shoes and answer the questions that you would ask if you had the chance to interview a new mate. Make a list of the things that you'd like to know, then write your profile. Think about it for a second. If you work, tell us a bit about your job? Have you ever been married before? Do you have children? Are you looking to make new friends, or are you looking to settle down. Keep in mind that common goals and temperament are often more important in a relationship than individual interests. An exact match may not be what you really want.

Tip 5: Let them Decide

Try to avoid writing an profile that is just a long list of characteristics you seek in a mate. Tell them about you and let them decide if they might be a match. This does not mean that you should say nothing about what you seek, just don't overdo it. You do not want to sound like you are being too picky. It's been said before... you never know who you'll meet!

Tip 6: Give Us a Clue

Ok, let me guess... I'd say you "enjoy movies, music, going out and cuddling by a fire". No kidding - me too! That quote describes practically every human on the planet! Why not try to stand out from the rest of the slumps! You could always name a recent movie that you enjoyed; tell us what you liked about it. List some of your favorite music styles, song titles, or artists. If you love Italian restaurants, or line-dancing at country bars on Saturday night, say so! These are not boring facts, they are parts of your personality. This is the kind of information that those single women want to know about you. Add a little color. It's a personal profile, not an obituary, try to say something personal!

Tip 7: Be Honest

So, you are lying to a prospective mate and you haven't met him/her yet. You'll go far in that relationship. In life and when cyber dating, this tip holds true, honesty is the best policy. There really is someone for everyone. You may as well let them find the real you instead of disappointing them when they find out that you aren't who you claimed to be. Perhaps someone will love you just because you are so honest.

Tip 8: Make an Effort

You've heard it before - the first impression is the most important one. If you want to make a good impression, don't make typos and spelling mistakes. No matter how great your profile makes you sound, if you make a lot of spelling or grammatical errors in your profile they are going to think you are a buffoon. Write your profile in a word processing program and run the spell checker on it. Then cut and paste the text into your online profile. Another quick point; type your profile in the correct, mixed case. Internet etiquette is that if you write something in all capital letters, you are yelling at them. Yelling isn't really romantic now is it? If you're not sure that your profile is all that it should be, ask a friend to read it for you. Your friend will be sure to pick up the syntactical errors that elude your eyes.

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