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CyberDating Features:

How to offer a Free dating service.

You're right... nothing is free. The only charge to you, the happy surfer, is to visit our sponsor's web sites by clicking the banners and links on this site. We initially started this site to showcase our programming skills, but now it is just a hobby for our staff. The problem is that it costs us several hundred bucks a month to keep the site alive. So, to offset the costs we now post a small amount of banner advertising to generate revenue (we almost break even on busy months). Please patronize our advertisers as without them this site could no longer exist!
So what are you waiting for?? Click the link to Signup now

We use data encryption to keep your contact info secure.

It's understandable that you are concerned about the security of the information that you provide in your dating profile. This is especially true in light of the publicity about various hacks and data breeches in the past with other online dating sites.

While it is impossible to be totally secure (even the banks and governments occasionally have issues), we have implemented various measures to keep your private data safe. Notice that there is a padlock icon near the address bar (on most browsers). It indicates that the web page is using encryption technology so that information cannot be seen while it transmits between your browser and our servers - and back. We also encrypt all passwords on our servers to ensure that they are secure.

Please keep in mind that all of the information that you provide to us (with the exception of your contact information) is on display on your public profile. Don't put information in your profile that you do not the world to see.

About Cyber Dating Mailboxes.

Since your anonymity and security are important to us, we provide everyone with a free CyberDating Mailbox.

When you post your personal profile at CyberDating, we automatically create a CyberDating Mailbox for you. So, when a visitor or member wishes to send you a message, he or she just clicks a link on your profile, which displays a form where the visitor can type the message. When the visitor finishes typing the message it is saved on our system until you retrieve it. This way no one sees your email address unless you personally give it to them (we can do a better job of keeping the scammers and spammers out that way too).

To retrieve your messages, click the Members Login link at the top of most pages, and type in your Email Address and your Password.

How to add a Picture to your profile.

Yep, as with everything else around here, adding a photo to your profile is free.
First Log In using the link at the top of most pages. Then select the "Your Pictures" option from the Member's Area Menu and follow the instructions on the page.

Additions, Changes, Deletions and Settings:

Posting a new dating profile.

To post your own profile on CyberDating just fill in the Signup form!
If you need help with the fields on the signup form, they are explained in detail below. Please read our Terms of Service before you post your profile.

Changing your dating profile.

To change your dating profile, you must first Log In using the link at the top of most pages. Then select the "Your Profile" option from the Member's Area Menu and follow the instructions on the page.
Help information for each of the fields on the entry form are below on this page.

Deleting your Cyber Dating profile.

To perminently delete your Cyber Dating profile from our site, you must first Log In using the link at the top of most pages. Then select the "Your Profile" option from the Member's Area Menu. An option to "Delete your Profile" is at the top of the Editor Page. Just click the link and follow the prompts.

Cannot Login or Deleted Profiles/Messages:

My profile disappeared. Why?

There are several answers to this one...

  1. It may have been removed because your introductory email was returned as undeliverable. All new profiles must have a valid email address. That way we can keep out the people who are not serious about having an profile posted.
  2. It may have been removed because it was a duplicate profile. This often happens when someone posts a profile, and then find a mistake so they post a second - almost identical profile. If we see that you have more than one profile posted, we remove the older one as suming that you've posted an update.
  3. It may have been removed because it's content is objectionable, or the messages are objectionable. The two most common issues are that people are advertising on our site, and people are being excessively crude.
  4. It may have been removed because you sent an excessively large number of messages with substantially the same content. This is often an indication that the sender isn not even reading the recipients profile, or that the messages are being sent by a robot.
  5. It may have been removed because you posted your profile with the wrong location. We often find profiles that indicate that they are in Canada or the United States, but they have been posted from other countries. We always deleted them.
  6. It may have been removed because it was posted from an IP address that has been flagged as being used by a chronic spammer or scammer. We realize that it may not have been you that was sending the spam/scam messages, but someone who shares your IP address has forced us to block your access.

If none of these apply to you, are you sure you posted your profile at one of our websites? There are so many sites out there - many with similar sounding names. Please double check that you are at the correct website.

If none of the above situations apply to you, please accept our apology as our automated systems are not infoulable. Please contact us using the link below and we will help you find a way to use our system.

How do I recover a lost password?

Simply enter your Email address or Member Number into the appropriate form on the Member's Tools page and we will email your Password to you.

How do I figure out my Member Number?

Simply enter your Email Address into the appropriate form on the Member's Tools page and we will email your Member Number and Password to you.

What is a Member Number?

Your Member Number is the number that we assigned for you when you created your profile.

Member Numbers look like this 'MC415527' . They always have two Capital letters followed by 6 numbers. The MC indicates that it is a Male from Canada ... For folks that don't live in Canada or the US, you are "Others" so your 2nd character is an upper case "o" not a zero.

Sending and Receiving Messages:

Sending a message to a Member.

To reply to a profile at CyberDating, just click the button on the profile titled "Send Message" (or the photo if there is one) and then fill in the form that displays. The recipient will get the message when he or she checks in for messages.

Picking up messages from your CyberDating Mailbox:

To pickup your messages, click the Member Login option on the top menu. Enter your Password and the Member Number that was assigned to you in the spaces provided on the form.

Note: Messages are automatically deleted from your mailbox 45 days after they arrive whether you have read them or not so check your messages regularly.

Dealing with bad or outdated Email addresses:

When new profiles are posted to CyberDating we always verify the email address to confirm that it works. But, occasionally people change their email addresses without notifying us. As a result there is no way for us to locate them to update our system. So, if you find an email address that does not work please let us know by Contacting Us and we will remove the profile.

The Registration Form Fields:

My First Name/Handle is:

Please give us a name to call you by.
If you are bashful and want to make up a name, go ahead and do that. You must enter some sort of name in this field.

My Password is:

Please choose a Password.
Your password should be between 6 and 16 characters long, should only contain numbers and letters with no spaces.
You must enter something in this field.

I live in City/Town:

Tell us where you live.
In personal relationships as in real estate location is very important. If you are in a town that no one knows of, please give us a hint of where it is. One thing to keep in mind when you fill in this field... the posting program is going to append your Province, State or Country name to the end of whatever you enter in this field. So, don't bother entering any of these bits of information.

Province/State and Country:

Tell us the Province, State and country that you live in. Select the most appropriate option from the list.
If we forgot to include your country, please send us a message and we'll add it as soon as possible.

My Email Address:

Tell us your email address.
We need to know how to contact you to tell you when you have messages in your CyberDating Mailbox and in the event that there is information that you should know about CyberDating.
Be sure to type your email address correctly or your profile will not be posted. Also, if you are using Hotmail or another free email service - be sure to follow their rules so they don't close your account.

We make you type your email address again to help catch typos.

My Homepage at:

If you have a home page, tell us where it is.
Enter the URL to your page. Do not enter the "https://" part, just start with the www or whatever the address is.

Preferred Relationship: [ Pen Pals / Long-term Dating / Sex only ... ]

Choose your preferred relationship.
This allows you to specify what kind of relationship you hope to have. You can choose anything from a Pen Pal to possible Marriage partners.

I am a [Male / Female / Alternate]

Choose your gender.
If you are interested in meeting gay or bi people please choose one of the 'alternate' genders.

My age

How old are you?
Lie if you must but is that any way to start a meaningful relationship? Choose the correct range using the pull-down list.

Marital Status

What is your marital status?
Choose the status that is closest to your situation from the pull-down menu.

I have [hair color]

If you have hair, please indicate its colour.
I'm not sure that hair colour is relevant in terms of finding a life partner, but some people are interested. If your hair colour is not listed in the pull-down menu ... fake it!

I have [eye colour]

No "two" is not an option.
We are looking for your eye colour here, not a count. (although you might note the number of eyes that you have in the biography section if it is not two.) Select a colour from the pull-down menu.

I am [attractiveness scale]

Tell us how attractive you are.
Human nature would be to round up on this field. In the months that this site has been running only one person has admitted that he was "scary looking". Anyway; you might as well be honest about this one too. You may meet the girl/guy of your dreams here and you wouldn't want to disappoint them when you finally meet in person. Choose an option on the pull-down menu.

My height is:

Tell us how tall you are.(in feet' and inches")
I realize it doesn't matter when you are lying down... but you have to get up sometimes.

My Ethnicity (race)

Please choose your ethnicity from the list.
If your ethnicity does not appear in the list select the "Other" option and then, please send us a message so that we may update it correctly.

I weigh:

How much do you weigh? (in lbs.)
This is another one that people tend to lie about. Remember... you may be lying to the one you love! Choose the range from the pull-down list that you fall within.

I am a [drinker]

Do you drink alcohol?
Select an option from the pull-down list.

I am a [Smoker]:

Tell us if you smoke.
We are assuming cigarettes here but if you smoke cigars or a pipe, you can indicate that too. A social smoker is a person that only smokes when they are in a bar with friends (apparently a lot of people do this). If you like to smoke other substances (like tree bark) you can tell us about that in the following field.

I take drugs:

Tell us about your use of recreational drugs (narcotics etc.).
As with smoking, we consider "Socially" to be when hanging out with friends.

My body style:

Give us an idea of your body size/shape. Choose the one that is most accurate from the pull-down list.

Have children:

Do you have children and if sohow old are they? Select the best option from the list. If your kids don't reside withyou, you can decide whether to indicate them or not.

Want children:

Do you want to have children some time in the future? Select the best option from the list. If this question is too personal please select "Prefer not to say".

My Education:

What level of education do you have? Select the best option from the list. If this question is too personal please select "Prefer not to say".

My Occupation:

What do you do for a living? If you don't work, perhaps you are a student, or you can enter what you normally do when you have work.

My Tagline, Introduction or Title:

Write a title for your profile that will get people to want to read your profile.
The Tagline appears both in the search results and above your profile when someone views it. It acts like a newspaper headline... it should be interesting!

About Me:

Now tell us a little about yourself.
What do you like to do in your spare time? What are you looking for in a mate? Are you rich? Do you eat crackers in bed? Things like these are what we want to know. Just please try to limit your embellishment to 500 characters or less.

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