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I can't believe it's true...

I can't believe that there is still a totally free dating site.

I was a member at Plenty of Fish for a long time and it was fine. But then they were bought out by Match and the place has just gotten crappy. The whole feel of the place is different now - you can smell them circling waiting for an opportunity to make some money.

CyberDating is not the best site but at least they are not always asking for money.

Thanks for keeping it real, Walter

Hi from England,

I just had to write to you commending you for having such a great dating site and free... I mean FREE!!

In this greed laden country of ours, you type in "100% free to use sites" and immediately the deception is clear, its free to place an add, after that you pay to email other members or can only reply to members who initiate the contact. They have it all covered, it doesn't matter how you phrase it in search, the greedy swines have it covered. True, we do have absolutely free dating sites, but they are nowhere near as big as the greedy conglomerates we have, but at least they have the decency to be what they say they are, completely free to use.

Des Winder


Can you believe that I am now married to someone I met using your free dating service? I had just gotten a new job in a new city in the spring and was looking for a friend or even a romance -- so I searched for someone from the area on your website. I wrote to one person. He replied and we met for a drink and a game of pool. We were friends for a few months and the relationship eventually blossomed into love. Now we are married (October 1999)! I just wanted to thank you for giving fate a little helping hand. We are certainly glad that we gave your website a whirl.



I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the way you run this dating site. I love the fact that I can meet such great people and don't have to worry about a monthly fee. I think supporting the ads that come up is a great way to keep the site open to everyone.

Thanks so much.



A very nice man contacted me via email as a result of the ad I placed on your free dating service. After a few emails we decided to meet for coffee. We quite liked each other and decided to start dating. That was in November of 1999. We are still dating each other and have grown very fond of each other. He is intelligent, easy going, has a great sense of humour, and is a very caring person. I thoroughly enjoy every bit of the time we spend together, and we seem to be spending consistently more time together. I don't know where this will go over time, but I'm very much in love and thoroughly enjoying the journey. Wish me luck that it works out he falls in love with me, too.



The Cyber dating site was a pleasure to use.

Responses from members were delivered to my mailbox and the system is set up to be very user friendly. Most of all, the site is free, and there were no catches or hidden charges. I really enjoyed the personal touch associated with this dating site. I felt like I was not just a number, but an individual and if I had a concern or comment, it would be addressed very quickly.

I would recommend Cyberdating. It was a good experience for me.

Lynn D.....Hazel Eyes

Hi Tucker is a great way to meet people. It's safe, and it's free! You can select "the" type of person you want to meet by reading their profiles. It's even better if you place your own ad. The response is tremendous -- you don't even have time to response to all of them. Most important, I'm happy to find someone who shares the same values as I do!



Please remove my ad, AS I FOUND MR. RIGHT THANKS TO YOU!!!!!!

Was totally new to computers and this form of meeting people, but one of the 1st guys that responded (4 months ago) is an absolute PERFECT MATCH FOR ME!

Thank you again for providing this valuable service. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Hippychick / Donna


Dear CyberDating

Just thought I'd take the time to tell you what a wonderful dating site you have!

Take care & keep up the great work!

Chris from Calgary.

Hi Tucker:

Just wanted to tell you how marvelous your free dating site is. I joined on November 10th and browsed the personals for a man. I sent e-mail to quite a few the first day and got a response from a gentleman about an hour after I sent him one. We e-mail back and forth for a day or so and then went onto MSN messenger and chatted for a few days. We finally got up the nerve to meet each other (we are both in our 40's and new to the dating scene again), we met for coffee and have been together ever since. This is the man of my dreams and I am so glad I joined your site. He is everything I want and want for my children, I cant believe how great he is, and I have your site to thank for it. If I had not joined I would not have met him..



Ive been running around internet sites for the past 6 or so months and most of the sites are lousy and even those that propose to be free are not REALLY free.

I guess this is about the best site I've found so far and i would recommend it to my friends who are sincerely looking for love and romance on the internet.

I just finished typing in my profile and i hope to receive some response soon. Its been the best true FREE dating site I've so far visited (and to tell you the truth, i have visited a lot in search of a serious long-term relationship with a woman preferably living in Germany).

Well done, Guys and continue with the good work at




My name is Kasey and I just wanted to write and tell you that I love your site however the only thing that sucks is that there aren't many men from Texas. I know that isn't your fault. I love your site and keep doing what your doing it's working. I really love that this site is free,I have tried many other sites and they charge. I wouldn't mind paying if I thought it was good but people like me who does'nt have a credit card or checking account it makes it impossible to send feedback to others. Thank you for being my #1 site for meeting with people.

Member #:FU166324

Hi Tucker....

Yes I did meet someone on your dating services. This person it turned out lives in my town. We chatted on icq for awhile as we were both seeing other people on a somewhat casual basis at the time. After about 4 months of chatting we decided to meet for coffee on November 29th of last year and have been seeing each other ever since as we hit it off right away. We have plans of living together in the near future. We have been seeing each other now for approx. going on 9 months. My daughter and rest of my family like him very much and his family has accepted me with open arms as well and find it interesting that we met on the internet. Hopefully everything will continue to go as well as it is now, and I have no doubt it will as I believe we were destined to meet somehow... another happy ending or beginning I should say.... thanks to your on-line free dating services.

Thank you ... Diane...*S*


Yes, I met another cyberdating girl on your free dating service and was very happy with this. I thank your service from the bottom of my heart. She is LIZ and we are getting along really well. We met last February on Valentine's day and we started to write back and forth. We finally met after, about mid March and have been seeing one another since. I have been living with her since last August, but I still own my own house. We are planning a future marriage some day .........maybe this year. I thank you again for bringing us together since I lived in Northern Ontario and she in the south. Not a lot to choose from in a small town or 5600 people. It makes the world much smaller with the dating service. Thank you and keep up the good work. Best of luck to all.


Yes I would be willing to do a testimonial...

I tried other internet dating systems and spent over $500 on phone line dating services and was very disappointed. I met my fiancee through your free online dating services, and we have both recommended the site to our friends.

I met the most beautiful thoughtful kindhearted person in the world and soon she will be my wife. I am a widower and after looking for 5 years I had given up hope of ever meeting that special someone. I had met over 30 people in person over the years but found them to be less than honest or without major damage from previous failed relationships until I met my sweetheart, to me she is a dream come true, the rainbow after the storm and I want to thank you for your help.

Thanks so much


Would you please remove my ad...

I couldn't believe that only after a couple of days, the "man of my dreams" would reply. Since we do not live in the same city, there is no other way that we would have possibly met, had it not been for Cyberdating. We have been dating for a month and a half now, and everything is wonderful! Thank you so much for providing this free dating service and helping us get together.


Dear Cyberdating:

I'm new to the online matchmaking scene and am conducting a serious search for my soulmate. I have posted an ad on your dating site, and want to congratulate you on the site's format, content and excellent customer service. From the simplicity of the add posting form, to prompt and efficient support, Cyberdating offers excellent attention to its members.

Sincerely, SoloTrek

New Member

Hi There

Just want to thank you for a great site! I have met a few people from CyberDating and made some great friends. But I also met someone who is extremely special to me. We have been seeing each other for three months now and things are working out great! I will keep you posted on what is happening....its always nice to hear a happy ending isn't it? :)


Thanks Cyberdating

Hi, I believe, I have found my soul mate through your free dating site I really would like to thank to all of you and I also admire your dating site comparison to other dating sites because all that time I was a member, I have never gotten any scam or Spam from your dating site.. your dating site is so efficient and very respectful and I really would like to thank to all of you again for creating such an efficient and wonderful dating site and helping to find my future wife..



Hey Tucker,

I think it's a great site. Unlike many other "free sites" which have hidden clauses, this one truly is free. I did meet one lady on here and while things didn't work out, I would not have met her if not for this site. The format may be very simple, but you don't need anything super fancy to find a friend or what not. I like the idea that there are no catches or gimmicks, because nothing irritates me more than thinking something is free, when it really is not.

The only flaws I can think of is that it just simply needs more people. But if it's free, than you can't expect too much. :/ If you can advertise a bit more, you may get a little bit more exposure, but with a larger community, I think it'd be cyclical for the people and the site itself.

The Last Knight

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

We couldn't continue to operate these free dating site without your support.

Cheers, Tucker

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