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Welcome to the Mobile CyberDating Personals page.

Research shows that surfing using mobile devices has become more popular than desktop surfing, and online dating is one of the most popular. With that in mind, CyberDating has revamped all of our websites to be completely responsive. That means that all of the features of our dating sites are available to you on almost any mobile device. Now you can surf for dates on your desktop computer, your laptop, a tablet or your smartphone, wherever you are. And the best part: CyberDating Mobile is still totally free. Come and give it a try.

Note: Our Adult Personals website has also been updated to work on your mobile device. If you are looking for something a little more Sexy, give a try.
What mobile devices can I use to access CyberDating?

We have extensively tested the CyberDating mobile website on most of the most popular smartphones, tablets and browsers. The most common mobile phones use operating systems from Android (droid), Apple iPhone, and Blackberry. Our site also works quite well on older cellular phones although JavaScript must be available to gain full functionality on these mobile devices.

Are you searching for Mobile Dating App?

We don't have mobile dating apps at CyberDating. Our research found that instead of building a online dating app, our time and resources would be better spent designing a really kick-ass mobile dating website. Since most smartphone dating apps simply duplicate the functionality of the dating website to whom they are associated, it seems unnecessary to build both. That's especially true at CyberDating since our site is totally free.

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