Does Not Your Girlfriend Love You?

We Know What to Do!

Frankly, there is nothing surprising in this, millions of couples live together with such partnerships. It does not mean that she sleeps with other men or she dreams of leaving you (we do not consider this type in this case). On the contrary, you can have a wonderful home, wonderful relationships and even no less beautiful sex, and yet, for some elusive signs, you understand that this is for her, as they say, not true romance, and it bothers you. So how to make a girl fall in love with you?

First, what does "she does not love me" mean, in what way do you think it is manifested?

She does not drag you to have sex in the restaurant toilets in front of the whole company, she does not send you naked selfies several times a day, she does not call you on facetime at five in the morning, she does not follow your friends in Facebook? Bear in mind that everyone has different temperaments, and indeed . do not you confuse love and passion? This is not always the same thing. Think: do you really want her to be crazy about you? Are you sure? But take into account that this state is not reduced to a mere crazy sex. When people ask about how to make a girl fall in love with you, they do not know what are they speaking about.

Undoubtedly, there are also scenes of baseless jealousy, and wild scandals, and an elementary desire to enslave, and other nonsense . for that, in fact, it is called "to be crazy about somebody". Any violent passion over time resembles the habit of putting a few exclamation marks at the end of each sentence . very quickly this stuff becomes boring. And so you have more time for yourself . well, that's fine. Enjoy it whether you are interested in traveling, baseball or muslim girls dating. Of course, after you will have a right and simple answer on this question: how do you make a girl like you?

If she does not love you, there is a logical question: Who does she really love?

Take an interest in her past, often everything is explained in a trivial way: you literally worship her, and she, for example, still dreams of some biker with a tattoo on the back of his neck, with whom she was dating before you (who broke with her like a bastard, by the way). If this is true, do not go to extremes . do not immediately run and get yourself a tattoo on the back of your neck. This is not right answer on how to make a girl love you question, buddy.

On the other hand, you should not say something like "I do not want to hear more about it" and do not humiliate yourself with bugging people on motorcycles. Just let her know that you are different, and she now has a different and therefore more fascinating and in all respects a new life. Behave yourself with dignity and do not allow complexes to evolve because if you will constantly remind her of the ex, the passion between you just will not appear.

Sooner or later, a real woman will choose coziness, peace and all that we call "the harmony of two hearts."

Do you want to know how to make a girl love you? If you surround her with sincere love and warmth (and this is not necessarily measured in monetary or orgasmic equivalent, and this does not exactly mean that you'll be following her for the rest of your life with a resentful look), sooner or later you will get something like this in response (it is possible, of course, only if you are dating a truly worthy lady).

Therefore, insist on your own, and most importantly, be sure that you are the best for her, and you really need her, and no one else can give her this love. You do not even know how strong self-confidence is. All your kind, all your actions, should be directed to show her that you are her love for life. And even if she does not understand this yet, this is not a problem. You are patient, you understand everything and look at her possibly (!) disparaging attitude in a philosophical way. And all this is possible because you really love her. Can at least one good woman remain indifferent to this behavior? Our answer is no! Now you know how to make a girl like you and there is nothing special with it. Act and you will reach your goal!

This article was sent to us by an anonymous guest contributor.

Cheers, Tucker

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