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cy·ber date·ing - ar·range·ment

/ˌsībər dātiNG əˈrānjmənt/


1. The use of the Internet to make the plans necessary to get sexual favors in exchange for financial reward.

Example Sentence:
I made a CyberDating Arrangement where I spent the night with this gorgeous woman, and in return I simply took her shopping for a sexy new dress.

Benefits of a CyberDating Arrangement:

For Women:
  • Get gifts or cash for time spent
  • Choose who you want to meet
  • Set your terms before going out
  • Get your sexual needs met
  • Negotiate for travel, cars, condos...
  • Meet a higher caliber of men
  • Set your commitment length
  • Forget about cheaters and players
For Men:
  • Get your sexual needs met
  • Have a date when you want one
  • Create companionship
  • Choose the women you want to meet
  • Meet a higher caliber of woman
  • Avoid the head games of long relationships
  • Have a date for special events
  • You set the length of commitment

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You're a Guy not a Sugar Daddy...

Our arrangements are different than many. Although many people might think that a CyberDating Arrangement is really a "'Sugar Daddy // Sugar Baby", but it's not. Our members don't have to be rich and powerful men like on the sugar daddy sites. Many of our members are average guys with average incomes. They are simply guys who would prefer to spend time and money on a hookups that meets their needs instead of throwing money into relationships that don't work.

Ladies, make your spare time pay off...

At first thought it may seem creepy to offer to spend time with a guy in exchange for gifts. But if you think about it, it's kind of crazy not to.

Imagine an evening when you have nothing going on and you sit at home watching TV or surfing FaceBook. At the end of the night you've gained nothing.

Now think about the alternative.

You could go our for a nice dinner with an established guy that you select. You have some wine and some stimulating conversation for few hours. At the end of your evening you go home with him, if that was what you arranged. You get to choose if you see him again. Perhaps next time you go shopping for a new dress before dinner. You may even choose to go away for a romantic weekend with him.

It's all up to you to negotiate an arrangement that suits your needs as well as his. With a little practice you'll be able to find a date with benefits any time you want.

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